Private Lessons

Private Lessons

Private Lessons are available at all World Class Gymnastics locations.
The cost varies depending on if the athlete is currently also enrolled in a gymnastics class in addition to the desired lesson.
Lessons are also available as either 1 athlete in the lesson or 2.
All athletes in lessons must be register and have paid the yearly registration fee

note: for the purpose of pricing athletes that are currently enrolled in the regular class program are referred to as members.


1 Student member – $50 dollars an hour
1 Student non-member – $60 dollars an hour
2 Students members – $50 & $15: total is $65 dollars an hour, cost may be split
2 Students non-members – $60 & $30: total is $90 dollars an hour, cost may be split

All students must have reached their 8th birthday to participate in private lessons.
All payments for lessons are due at the time of the lesson and are to be paid to the gym.

If you would like to sign up for lessons online you can register by calling the gym. Please be ready to tell the office personal your:
1) Goal of lesson
2) If you have done lessons before
3) Approximate skill level of athlete(s) participating
The request will be distributed to the appropriate coaches and someone will contact you. Although credit card information is required to register
you will not be charged for the registration fee until the time of your first lesson.

Call WCGA at 518.785.3481